Eczema On Eyelid | Symptoms, Causes, and Treatment Options

eczema on eyelid

Eczema, or atopic dermatitis, is a condition that many people suffer from and not everyone is familiar with what it actually is. It can leave rashes or dry skin on many parts of the body, but one of the most unbearable and an unsightly spot involves eczema on the eyelid. If you suffer from this or start to develop problems, you’ll want to know how to make it better quickly. Here’s a look into what the disorder is, what causes it, ways to fix it, and products that are definitely worth looking into. Keep reading for all the information you need on this topic.


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What is Eczema?

eczema on eyelidEssentially, eczema is a disease of the skin that can make it inflamed. This can exhibit itself in a number of different ways, including rashes, redness, and even blisters. The appearance and severity of it is different from person to person. There are a few different types, and there are also a number of ways you can treat it.

What Causes Eczema on the Eyelids?

Eczema has no definite cause, but there are a few theories about what possible causes may be. Possible causes include:


Certain products that you use may cause you to develop skin problems. This includes harsh soaps and chemical cleaners. Air pollutants may also be to blame.


eczema on eyelidThere could be genetic factors at play as well. If someone in your family has eczema, there’s a greater chance that you will develop it.

If you suspect that you have eczema, the only way to know for sure is to visit a doctor. They will be able to tell you for sure if that is what you are suffering from, or if you have a different condition.

Symptoms of Eczema

If you have eczema, there are a few symptoms you may see. These symptoms will vary and can be mild or severe, in areas all over the body.

Skin that is dry

You may develop dry skin on many parts of your body. This includes your hands, feet, elbows, eyelids, and a handful of other places. It really depends on which parts are exposed or more susceptible to becoming dry and cracked.

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Red bumps

If you see red bumps in small or large patches, this is another sign. These bumps may be very small or can be large. It is important that you refrain from scratching them, no matter the size, as it may lead to blisters.


In some cases, the bumps will turn into a larger rash. This is something that can be painful and itchy, so keep that in mind if you are trying to determine if you have eczema.

Skin that feels raw

If you scratch your bumps or rash, you may get raw and red skin. This could lead to the issue spreading and causing additional discomfort. It can also lead to infection.


Symptoms of Eczema on the Eyelids

If you specifically have eczema on your eyelids, there are some additional symptoms that may show up.

  • Burning

Burning of the eyelids may happen to you if you have this skin problem. You will feel a sensation even though you haven’t done anything to your eyes or put anything in them or on your eyelids.

  • Itchiness

eczema on eyelidYour eyelids can also become very itchy, to the point where you think you want to scratch them to get relief. It is important that you don’t, since this may leave marks on you and lead to the condition becoming worse.

  • Red bumps or patches

You might also notice bumps or red patches on your eyelids. These are not only unsightly, but they may be hard to cover up and hide.

Eyelid Eczema Treatment

There are a few specific treatments that you can use on your eyelids if you suspect or have learned that you have eczema on your eyelid.

  • Natural creams and ointments

There are many natural creams, ointments, and other types of topical solutions you can use. These may lessen symptoms, like itching and redness. Avoid products with harsh chemicals or unnatural ingredients, as these could exacerbate your condition.  

  • Keep the area as clean as possible

Keeping the eyelid very clean is another way to treat this type of eczema. This may include staying away from eye makeup and other things for a while, so the skin can heal properly.

  • Prescription creams

If you decide to go to the doctor, they should be able to prescribe different types of creams. These products will allow you to be more comfortable and are stronger than the creams you can purchase over the counter.

  • Antihistamines

The effects of eczema may have to do with the amount of histamines your body makes. In some cases, you might need to take antihistamines or apply antihistamine cream to relieve your symptoms.

Preventative Measures

There are a few things you can do to keep flare ups from occurring. You are unlikely to cure your eczema by doing these things, but it can go a long way in making you feel better and limiting rashes and bumpy skin.

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  • Limit Hot Showers

Try not to take really hot showers. If you want to take a shower, make sure the water is warm and not scalding. You may also want to limit the time of your showers. Don’t stay in there for more than 15 minutes or so.

  • Watch Your Soap

eczema on eyelidPay attention to what type of soap you are using. This includes soap you use on your clothes, your body, and your hands. You can purchase soaps that are suited for sensitive skin or ones that have a short list of natural ingredients.

  • Stay Hydrated

It is a good idea to make sure that you are keeping your body hydrated. Drinking water each day will keep your skin looking and feeling as good as possible. Aim to drink around eight glasses of water a day, give or take a few depending on how you feel and activity levels in a given day.

  • Keep Skin Moisturized

You should always keep your skin moisturized, but just like with soaps, you’ll need to pay attention to the ingredients that are in the lotions you choose. Seek out simple products that don’t contain a long list of foreign ingredients. You can also use a moisturizer like Shea butter or jojoba oil if you already use it for something else in your beauty routine and have it on hand.

  • Make Sure Skin is Dry

Take the time to dry your skin whenever you wash it or each time it gets wet. When skin is too wet or stays wet for an extended period of time, it makes it more vulnerable for eczema symptoms to pop up.

  • Relax More

Learning to relax is hard for all of us, but it is imperative that you learn how to relax if you do not want your eczema to flare up often. Some ways you can relax are to listen to music, exercise, read, or do other things you like. When you are spending your time doing fun things, you won’t have time to worry about how your skin feels.



Problems You May Experience with Eyelid Eczema

Here are a few common problems that may come up if you have eczema on your eyelids. You may experience one or many, depending on how visible the problem is.

  • Problems Sleeping

eczema on eyelidIf your eyelids are itching or burning, this is likely to keep you up at night. You will likely have to pay attention to the position you are sleeping in, and make sure that you stay comfortable throughout the night.

  • Confidence Issues

Another thing that can come up is that you see red spots on your eyelids and you start to feel bad about yourself. No one would be surprised if you didn’t want to go out in public or be seen. Keep in mind that this is an issue that many people have, so you aren’t alone.

  • Sick Days

Since you might feel bad or think you look terrible, it is probable that you will take time off work and school. In other words, this skin problem can really influence your life and routine, so you should take all the steps you can to limit its effects on you.

  • Infections

If the skin that is inflamed becomes broken or if you scratch it vigorously, it can result in an infection. When this happens, you will likely have to go to the doctor to be treated, and it will hurt and look worse than normal. This is not something you want, as it can lead to scarring.

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Treating Eczema on the Eyelid: 5 Products to Consider

Here are a few products to consider when you are looking for an at home eyelid eczema treatment.

1. Heyedrate Lid and Lash Cleanser

eczema on eyelid

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This is a product that can be sprayed onto your eyelid, and used to keep the eye area clean at all times. It is an all-natural formula that doesn’t have a lot of weird stuff in it. This means you will not have to worry about putting it on your face. There is also no need to rinse it off, and you can allow it to air dry. Furthermore, there is a satisfaction guarantee, so if you don’t like it you can get your money back.

  • Easy to use. It is a spray bottle, so a couple of spritzes and you will have clean eyelids. This can keep bad stuff away from your eyes and it is safer to use than some types of soap.
  • Product gives to charity. This company gives to charity each time a product is sold. This helps others that live in areas of the world where it is harder to get proper care for the eyes.
  • Kills microorganisms. It is designed to kill microorganisms and bacteria. It will keep these things from living and growing on your eyelids and the rest of the skin on your face when you use it properly. Also, it should be used every day, preferably before bed and when you wake up.
  • Stops inflammation. Another thing it does is stop inflammation. It can do this around not only your eye, but pretty much anywhere else you need to use it as well. It does this through its main ingredient, hypochlorous acid, which is something that helps the body speed up its healing process.
  • Organic and vegan. The formula is organic and vegan, so you can be sure that the ingredients are safe and cruelty-free. There are also no parabens, sulfates, or fragrances, all of which can cause many irritation issues.  

Overall, this option is a breeze to use and can disinfect the area that is causing you discomfort. You can get instant relief while using something that is natural and designed to work with your body. Plus, the satisfaction guarantee it comes with makes it something that is worth trying.

2. Honeyskin Organics Face and Body Cream

eczema on eyelid

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This cream features honey along with other powerful ingredients that’ll help keep your face looking good and feeling nourished. It comes in a jar, so you just rub a little bit on and around your eyelids to disinfect and moisturize. As a result, dry and irritated eyelids may no longer be a problem.

  • Absorbs into skin fast. You have to rub it on the area you want it to go but it won’t take long for it to absorb into the skin. You will have moisturized skin quickly, which makes the skin look uniform. Itchiness and redness should decrease or disappear within just a few minutes.
  • Fixes pH balance. Many minerals and vitamins are in this jar. It is formulated to help keep the pH balance of the skin right where it should be. When you have problems with your skin, sometimes the pH is not at the proper level, which may cause a number of issues. When it is at the right level, the skin can heal better and stay healthy.
  • Use on any age skin. This product is mild enough to use on skin of all ages. You can even use it on a baby if you need to. It doesn’t have any ingredients that should harm a young child.
  • Hypo allergenic. There are no scents added to it, and it is also easy on the skin. It should not cause allergic reactions, and it works well for a number of different issues. Besides alleviating eczema, it can help with wrinkles or small lines on the face.

The best thing about this product is that it can be used on anyone’s skin. You can get a jar and everyone in the house can use it. This is especially important if more than one person has a problem with this condition. The fact that there is no scent is great too, since many people are sensitive to perfumes, especially when they need to put a product near their eyes.


3. BeeFriendly Face and Eye Cream

eczema on eyelid

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Here is another cream that is designed to keep your skin moisturized and also kill harmful bacteria, decreasing your risk of infections and rashes. It is made of organic ingredients and does not contain a bunch of things that you can’t pronounce. Furthermore, it doesn’t have fillers in it, so the jar will last you a long time because you won’t have to use a lot to see results.

  • Contains raw honey. Honey is the star of this one. It is included because it is antibacterial and also nourishes. If you like the smell of honey, you are in luck too. This product smells like honey and does not have any other type of strong smell to it.
  • Can use any time of day. You can use this any time you feel that you need it. If you notice redness or a few bumps pop up by your eyes, you can apply it. There’s no wrong time and you can do it as much as you want. It can aid with many of your symptoms and it won’t clog your pores either. If you have never used honey or honey products on your face before, you may find that you like it a lot and want to use it multiple times a day. This is fine and the number of times you use it is up to you.
  • Don’t have to use a lot. There are very powerful things in this product, so you only have to use a dab for it to work well. You will not have to keep buying this one frequently, since a little goes a long way.
  • May make skin look younger. Besides helping with eczema, it can also make your skin appear younger. It can help reduce wrinkles and may help with elasticity. You can use it all over your face if you want to. Just be sure to leave some for emergencies, since it can work so well eczema on eyelids.

There are only a handful of things in this mix, which is refreshing for a beauty item. Many have strong substances in them, and some don’t even work the way they are supposed to. Not only does this one work, but it doesn’t have non-essential items in it. You can just use a little to stop irritation, and to make your skin softer and smoother.

4. Derma E Hydrating Eye Crème

eczema on eyelid

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If you are looking for something that was developed by a doctor, this is one you’ll be interested in. It has potent ingredients that can help your skin in numerous ways. This is a cream that is in a tube, so it will be easy to carry around wherever you need to go. It is also free of many things you may not want on your face and around your eyes, like mineral oil, gluten, and lanolin.

  • Has hyaluronic acid. This type of acid is found naturally in the body but when used as a supplement, can help increase fluids in different parts of the body, including the eyes. This is a good thing if you are experiencing dry skin or eczema on eyelids.
  • Features antioxidants. There are also antioxidants in the formula. This includes things like green tea, aloe, and vitamins C and E. All of these are in numerous skin care products, and are all safe for your skin as well.
  • Works for all types of skin. You can use this no matter what skin type you have. If you have combination skin or are experiencing a bad breakout, you will be able to use this without encountering issues. Irritation can be fixed and dry skin patches won’t be a problem either.
  • Good for skin circulation. Circulation is important for your entire body, and this option is beneficial in terms of skin circulation. The ingredients work together to help with blood flow, which is why it can help your eyes look smoother.

This tube of cream contains powerful things that aren’t going to hurt you. It is mild enough to use on multiple types of skin, and it works quickly by utilizing things that your body needs anyway. It also comes in a small container that you can keep with you whenever you need it. As a result, you won’t be without a lifesaver if you have problems with eczema on eyelids and you are away from home.


5. Era Organics Treatment Cream

eczema on eyelid

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Here is another jar of cream that can help you with many problems associated with eczema on eyelids. It is specifically formulated to help with redness and irritation, which can be two of the biggest problems you may have. It is cruelty free and can help calm your skin. Plus, it is made by a company who cares about what they put in their products and how well it works.

  • Has many food grade ingredients. The ingredients are natural and many of them are food grade. Some of these things are coconut oil, chamomile, and avocado oil. You may have seen these substances in other items, or be familiar with what they can do for your skin.
  • Keeps you from itching. There aren’t weird chemicals in this cream, so it shouldn’t make you itch or cause irritation. In fact, it is designed to take care of that for you. Some of the ingredients in it help with that, and others keep you hydrated so that your skin stays that way.
  • May heal skin. Something else the product does is help speed up how much collagen is made. It can also help with recovery. This makes it like a first aid kit for your face. Even if you have a nasty looking red rash on your eyelids, it should be gone in a flash when you use this product. If it is not, you can take them up on their 60-day guarantee.
  • Takes the red out. This product not only helps with eczema, but can also alleviate other skin conditions like rosacea. It gets the red out, helps with inflammation, and can help your skin feel better.

This powerful product can be of assistance with a number of issues that come with different skin problems, including all of those associated with eczema. You can use a little to help your skin heal itself, and it works on sensitive skin and damaged skin.

Shutting Down Eyelid Eczema

Eczema is something that many people suffer from, but there are still a lot of questions surrounding it. More specifically, it may be even harder to understand what is going on if you have eczema eyelid problems.

The truth is that even though the direct causes are unknown, there are specific symptoms to look out for. There are also treatment methods that will help you, whether you choose to use prescription relief or find a product that you can purchase elsewhere to alleviate pain and redness.

Additionally, there are many things you can do to limit flare-ups, as well as some problems you may encounter if you find yourself suffering from eyelid eczema. All of these things are handy to know for your sake, and also if a loved one has this problem.

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The products discussed in this guide are all high quality and any of them can work well for you, no matter what symptoms are being expressed at any given time. However, the one that stands out is Heyedrate Lid and Lash Cleanser. It not only keeps your skin free from bacteria, but it also has ingredients that you can pronounce. It alleviates problems with the skin and you can use it all over your body if you want to.

Furthermore, it doesn’t take much of it to see a difference in how you look. This will come in very handy if you are feeling self-conscious about your skin and you need results fast.


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