Why Do My Eyes Burn? Causes and How to Get Relief From Burning Eyes

why do my eyes burn

No matter what kind of work you do, you need your eyes to function and go about your day. When they aren’t feeling their best and you are wondering why do my eyes burn, it can be something serious or minor. There are many reasons why eyes may burn, and there are quite a few ways to alleviate the issues as well. Keep reading this guide to find out what could be happening and what you can do to help your eyes feel normal again.


Who is Likely to Get Burning Eyes?

why do my eyes burnEyes that feel like they are burning are not something that happens with age or to one person over another. This issue can affect anyone at any time, because in some cases, it is due to where you live, or elements present in your environment.

For this reason, there is no age range that needs to be more concerned than another is, as it is important to take care of your eyes no matter your age.

Men and women can experience this condition and there’s no information to suggest that one experiences it more than the other does.

Most people have the same chance of suffering from burning eyes, unless you have some other type of existing medical condition that will increase your chances.

Overall, anyone can have this problem on a given day, but it isn’t something that you have to live with indefinitely. There are numerous ways to fix the problem, and there are also some helpful techniques to take advantage of, so it won’t keep happening to you.


why do my eyes burnBurning eyes may come with a few symptoms besides just the burning, which appear together and make you wish it would all go away.


When your eyes burn, you may also see a redness on them as well. While this may look scary, it is not something for alarm by itself. Redness may come and go frequently, if you pay attention to how your eyes look each day.

Gritty Feeling

You can get a gritty feeling that makes your eyes feel like there is something in one. This generally means that your eyes are dry and they aren’t getting the proper amount of lubrication.

Watery Eyes

When your eyes start watering, this could be in conjunction with the burning too. Watery eyes make you look like you are crying, but it is really just your body’s way of trying to protect your eyeballs.


If you are feeling like you want to scratch your eyes, refrain from doing that. It won’t help and it could make things worse. You cannot scratch your eyes like you do your skin.


why do my eyes burnThere are various reasons why eyes can burn, and many of them show up without any warning. They range from something serious to something minor.

  • Allergies

    You could be having an allergic reaction to something, like seasonal allergies, or too much dust in the air. This can happen to anyone, even if a doctor hasn’t diagnosed you with allergies. However, if you are someone who suffers from allergies regularly, you should know when this is the cause of your eye burning, since there will be additional symptoms present as well, like sneezing.

  • Blepharitis

    If you have something wrong with your eyelids or any of your eyelashes have a clogged gland or crustiness around them, you may suffer from something called blepharitis. It is also known as inflammation of the eyelids, which is not as rare as you would think.

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  • Dry Eyes

    Another thing that can make eyes burn is dryness. When you don’t have enough lubrication on your eyes, it can hurt and make your eyes sensitive to many different variables. Generally, this is an easy fix, unless it is caused by a medical issue or from taking medicines of some type.

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  • Irritants

    Apart from allergy season, there are certain times of the year where there may be small particles in the air. For example, if there was a fire near you or you live near volcanoes, there may be ashes in the air. This is something that can make your eyes burn and can happen at completely arbitrary times.

  • Conjunctivitis

    Conjunctivitis is when the clear outer covering of your eye is inflamed. It is a bit like blepharitis, except it is inflammation on your eye and not the lid. It is caused by an infection (usually bacterial, viral, or allergic), so it can be a little more serious than other causes.

  • Tired Eyes

    When you are losing sleep working on a project or you have been straining your eyes, they may start burning. You can also experience tired eyes when you go on trips or in extreme temperatures.

  • Exposure

    Different types of exposure can harm you as well. If your eyes are left unprotected in extreme amounts of sunlight or UV rays, this can happen. It can take a long time to recover from sunburned eyes as well, so it’s important to protect them whenever possible.


Natural Remedies

why do my eyes burnThere are a few natural remedies to keep handy for when you need them. Oftentimes, you will not need to visit a doctor, unless the problem has been going on for many days or there are other more serious symptoms present too.



There are cleansers you can purchase that are just for your eyes and the area around them. You use them when you need them or as a daily preventative measure. They are good to utilize all the time, and shouldn’t harm you or cause you any rashes or anything like that. You can find these products online, where you can check out the user reviews to see which ones are the best and work the way they should.  We suggest the Heyedrate Lid and Lash Cleanser!


You are also able to buy wipes to disinfect your eye area. They are easy to incorporate into your beauty routine. They can be used at home or on the go, since they are usually individually sealed and sterile. Some people don’t realize that eye irritants may come from your skin, so it’s important to keep it clean as much as you can.


Using a humidifier, especially during the night while you are sleeping, is something that can really help out your eyes, as well as your sinuses. Be sure that you use clean water though, as tap water may harm you and breed pathogens.

Eye Drops

Eye drops are available in many different varieties as well. There are types that will simply treat redness, while others can treat multiple issues at the same time. Most types will add wetness to your eyes, which is usually a good thing. Find one that has preservative free ingredients and make sure you store it properly. If you are carrying them in your purse, put the bottle in a plastic bag too, so it will not accumulate dust or lint.

Warm Compress

If you don’t have other means of helping your eyes, you can put a warm compress on while you’re lying down. Simply wet a washrag with warm water, wring it out, and relax with it on your face for around 20 minutes. This may alleviate burning at times, and it will force you to sit still for a little bit as well, which can also be a good thing. Alternatively, you could purchase a Warm Compress Eye Mask (which is much easier to use!)

Prescription Remedies

why do my eyes burnIf you end up going to the eye doctor for your problem, they may prescribe special medicines to help ease the issue, especially if you have allergies or an infection.


You may require an ointment to help with your eyes. The ointment won’t really be for your actual eyeballs, but to protect them from something else that is affecting them, such as dry skin, or things in your home or area.


A doctor may also ask you to take pills to help alleviate burning eyes. This is because you have a chronic dry eye condition or you are suffering from seasonal allergies or an infection. There are also professional strength eye drops that they may recommend as well, since they will be stronger than those sold over the counter.

How to Prevent It

Even though burning eyes may not be able to be avoided, there are a few things that you might consider doing, in order to keep them at bay. If you take a few of these suggestions, you should notice that your eyes feel better, and you aren’t having many burning sensations.

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  • Keep your eyelids clean. Keeping your eyelids clean is necessary. You likely don’t think about that they get dirty throughout the day, but if you are cleaning your face anyway, why do my eyes burnthere’s no reason to leave your eyelids and around your eyes out. This is especially important if you wear makeup because you should always be taking it off before you go to sleep. This can keep dirt and other detritus from getting in your eyes and causing problems. Be sure not to wash around your eyes too much though, since you do not want to dry out your skin.
  • Drink water. When you drink enough water, it is very good for your eyes, as well as the rest of the most important parts of your body. Even if you miss drinking it for one day, you can tell the difference. Try swapping your favorite drink for water when you feel most thirsty throughout the day. This should make it easier to drink the recommended amount. Moreover, if you drink a lot of coffee in the morning, make sure you drink an equal amount of water in the afternoon.
  • Don’t rub your eyes. Many of us don’t think about it and rub our eyes countless times throughout the day. This is not a good thing to do, since it can cause damage to the retina or other parts of the eye, in some circumstances. It may make a small problem worse too, especially if you are suffering from some kind of eye condition already.
  • Check the weather. The weather can change drastically throughout the seasons, or even throughout one day. It is a good idea to check the weather report before you leave your house. This can help you know if you need to take some sunglasses, eye drops, or anything else to help you get through the day. You want to keep yourself protected well, but you will need all the information you can get in order to do this.
  • Use eye drops when you need to. Besides just having eye drops nearby, you need to use them when you feel like you need them. Many types can be used multiple times throughout the day, and there are so many brands to choose from. You should be able to find one you like, and also makes your eyes feel much better.
  • Stay away from strong smells and chemicals. It is beneficial to limit the amount of chemicals and smells that you’re exposed to. This can be anything from strong perfumes to things like bleach and ammonia. In the case of perfume, you can get something that is more natural, or simply use essential oils that you like. If you are going to be around strong cleaning agents, be sure to only clean in well-ventilated areas and wear a mask when you can.
  • why do my eyes burnRelax your eyes. When you are working many hours in front of the computer, studying, or even watching television, it can make your eyes burn. To prevent this, you should take a break every hour or so. Just get up and walk around for a minute or close your eyes. It is also helpful to focus across the room once every hour, in order to keep your eyes from getting too tired. Remember to go to sleep when you are exhausted too, since tired eyes will be rather vulnerable.
  • Don’t wear contacts. Contacts by themselves don’t hurt your eyes in any way, but when you know its dry out or you will be working a lot, try not to wear them. When you do wear them, be sure to take them out when you go to sleep, so that your eyes have a chance to rest while you do.
  • Limit Sunscreen close to the eyes. As you put sunscreen all over your body or face, it can run into your eyes at times. To keep it from doing so, refrain from putting it near your eyes, or be sure to wash the area immediately if you feel it burning. Wear a great pair of polarized sunglasses to protect around your eyes instead!


Other Things to Consider

Whenever you have tried all the preventative measures and you are still suffering from problems, there are numerous other things that you can do to help you feel better fast. It is crucial that you understand that you use your eyes each day, meaning you can get eyes that have a burning sensation on any day, for so many different reasons.

There’s no way to keep from having burning eyes, especially in certain areas or in specific weather conditions. Instead, you can do everything you can to keep yourself protected, even away from home.


Get Regular Eye Exams

why do my eyes burnTo help ensure that your eyes are always in good shape, make sure you get regular eye exams. This can improve your health for a number of reasons. You will know when you need to get new glasses and you can be sure to catch any eye problems earlier than if you didn’t get eye checkups.

Check with Your Doctor Regarding Risk Factors

In addition to going to your eye doctor, you can have your regular doctor check your eyes or let you know if you have any risk factors for certain problems. You want to be aware of any conditions that may develop which would weaken your eyes or eyesight and fight them early. Certain risk factors may be more common due to age, family history, or because of the type of work you do.

Recognize if There is a Pattern

If you find that your eyes are uncomfortable often, you may want to start taking notes on the times and conditions in a notebook. This can allow you to figure out if there is a pattern. For instance, your eyes may hurt before there is a rainstorm, or when it is windy outside. If you know that beforehand, you can protect yourself on these types of days and in these conditions.

Keep your Hands Clean

why do my eyes burnKeeping your hands clean is one of the most important things you can do for yourself.  You probably don’t know how many times a day you touch your face, your eyes, or even put your fingers in your mouth. These are things you do not really notice and will do absentmindedly when you are focused on other tasks.

If you are keeping your hands free from germs all the time, you won’t have to worry about the health consequences associated with these habits. Wash your hands with soap and water as often as you can, while making sure that your skin isn’t getting raw and dry. You can also keep hand sanitizer with you, if you need to keep germs away when you are in your car or on the go. 

Keep Solutions Handy

Other things you can keep in your bag or briefcase are eye drops or eye wipes. These are great for whenever your eyes start to feel different from normal, and can make sure that they won’t become tired or feeling itchy, which can lead to burning.

Ask Friends and Family Members for Advice

If you have tried so many things and still can’t figure out what is causing a problem, you should ask friends and family what they do. They may have the same troubles you have, and you haven’t heard them talk about it. In some cases, they may have some remedies that you haven’t tried or know of a special type of eye drop to purchase.

Be Aware of Outside Conditions

When you get up and leave your house in the morning, you don’t often consider what the air quality is like outside or how that can affect something as important as your eyes. You can look at websites or download apps to let you know about the air conditions nearby, and pay attention to see how the outside will affect you. This is something that is often overlooked but is of great importance.

If you see that conditions are going to be harsh, you can be sure to pack eye cloths, wipes, or stay out of the air as much as possible.


The outlook in regards to burning eyes is not bad at all. In most instances, it isn’t something to worry about and will clear up on its own. Many of the solutions for the problem can be purchased at a drug store or some other type of easily accessible store, so many people have access to products that can lessen the pain or discomfort.

In addition, it is something that usually won’t cause any long term negative effects, which is a good thing. In other words, if your eyes don’t feel great, it doesn’t mean something is wrong with you. It also doesn’t mean that you will have a problem with your eyes or health in the future. It can happen to anyone at any time, for any reason. The hard part is figuring out the reason and fixing it.

When to See a Doctor

Generally, you don’ t have to see a doctor for burning eyes unless you want to. At the same time, there are few situations where you should.

Frequent Burning

Feeling burning on a regular basis is not really normal. If it happens many times a week, you might want to visit the doctor, to see if something else is going on.

Eye Discharge/Vision Problems

When you have eye discharge or are having other vision issues when you feel the burning, you may have an infection. In the case of an infection, you might need special drops or to refrain from using many products on your skin, for an extended period of time.

Additional Symptoms

Burning when it is accompanied by light sensitivity or floaters may mean something more serious than a mild reaction. If this is the case, don’t hesitate to call your doctor. They can decide whether you need to come visit them or not.


Besides a slight discomfort that is associated with the burning, you shouldn’t be in pain when experiencing this mild eye issue. If there is serious pain involved that doesn’t get better quickly, you should visit your eye doctor as soon as possible. They will be able to rule out something like glaucoma, which is a serious eye condition.


When you feel like your eyes are burning, it may be something that scares you, but it isn’t always something serious that causes this feeling. In fact, it can happen to pretty much anyone on any given day.

There are conditions in which it is more likely to occur, including at times of the year when allergies are more prevalent, or if there are specific irritants in the air. Furthermore, something you are doing or are exposed to may be causing this symptom. You’ll need to check out all the things you do and use in the course of a day, and start eliminating them one by one, to see what helps you.

It can also be an infection of your eye or around your eye causing you pain, which is something that oftentimes needs to be treated by a doctor. Of course, no matter what the cause is, it can be alleviated most of the time, which is good news for the person suffering from the burning.

If you find yourself asking why do my eyes burn, you should be aware of how many things you can do to prevent it from happening to you again, and even stay prepared if you feel burning and you are away from home. You may purchase things like wipes or drops, and you can be sure to keep your skin and hands clean. Anytime you are able to keep germs at bay, you have a better chance at keeping your eyes feeling as good as possible.

Most of the time burning eyes are not an issue that will cause you to have to go to the doctor. You may always go to be on the safe side, but usually the cause is something you can handle at home, in a short amount of time. Just be sure to keep good hygiene practices and keep your eyes clean and hydrated properly.

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