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Dry Eye Syndrome

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Dry eyes can range from a mild dry eye surface to a very disrupted, poor tear film.  The person suffering from dry eyes might actually experience excessive tearing or eye watering as the tear gland tries to resolve the dry eye condition itself, over-producing unwanted, low quality tears to coat the eye.  When the tear levels are low, the eye senses burning and grittiness.  Itching and discomfort can also be signs of dry eyes.  As the condition worsens, the eyes can become continually red and vision can become blurry.  Reflexive tears are released in an attempt to combat these issues but instead leave you with nothing but watery eyes.

Treatment for dry eye is necessary to restore a healthy ocular surface and treatments range from warm compresses to simple artificial tear drops or ointments to oral supplements containing Omega-3 fatty acids. In others, it can be treated with prescription eye drops that stimulate healthy tear production and fight inflammation.

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