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What I Hate!

With all the mud slinging, politics, and hate going on with the US I just wanted to let everyone know what I hate:

1. I hate that I get to wake up every morning in an air conditioned room on a bed.
2. I hate waking up next to my beautiful wife, Jenna!
3. I hate having the freedom to choose what I do every day.
4. I hate that I have clean water to drink out of the tap without the worry of sickness or illness.
5. I hate that I can make more money by adding more value into the world.
6. I hate that I have access to unlimited information at the touch of a phone screen.
7. I hate that I can go into any store or go on Amazon and order ANYTHING that I want.
8. I hate that I have $1 in my pocket which makes me wealthier than most people in this world.
9. I hate that I have a great family that is always loving and encouraging unconditionally.
10. Finally, I hate that I choose to be happy every single day by realizing that I have more to be grateful for than I do to complain about.

What's the point of this post? 
If all of us took the time to write down three things that we are grateful for every single day (I do three upon awakening and three right before sleep), this world would be a happier, better place.  Stop thinking that happiness bring gratitude.  It's actually the opposite, gratitude brings happiness.
One Love,
Dr. T

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