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Hate Driving At Night? The Solution Has Arrived...

 Driving at night has always been a challenge regardless if you wear glasses, contact lenses, or nothing at all.  Beyond an annoyance, there are many dangers with driving at night.  According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, fatalities on the road at night occur at a THREE times greater rate than during the day.  While only a quarter of all driving is done at night, more than half of all driving deaths occur then.  

Problems driving at night are due to a number of reasons, including lack of peripheral vision, worse depth perception, and the inability to distinguish color.  You are also more tired and fatigued.  Studies show that tired driving is as dangerous as drunk driving.  Also if you are traveling at 60 mph, it takes more than 200 feet to stop, which is a problem because low beams illuminate 160 to 250 feet while high beams illuminate 350 to 500 feet. 

Some tips for driving at night include:

  • Dim your instrument panel and dash lights.
  • Know the glow... of animal eyes... and slow down as quickly as you can when seen.
  • Don't stare at oncoming headlights!
  • Clean the inside and outside of your windshield with newspaper.  Newspaper contains carbon, which absorbs oil, greases, or anything else on your windows.
  • Add auxiliary lights or fog lights to your car.
  • Clean and adjust your exterior mirrors to point them away from directly behind you, and rather toward your blind spot (which is what they are for).
  • Don't believe the hype regarding the yellow night driving glasses.  You cannot see better with them on.  Try the new Zeiss Drive Safe Lenses today and learn more by watching the video below.


Learn more about our new Zeiss Drivesafe Lenses by watching the video below.  Come in today to be fit in this exciting, new technology! 

Some key features of the Zeiss DriveSafe lens include:

  • Better depth perception in low light
  • Reduced glare and reflections
  • Comfortable all-day use
  • Due to Luminance Design Technology, there is a change in performance with different pupil sizes.
  • Scratch resistance and excellent durability.
  • Dynamic vision for fast refocusing between the road, dashboard, and mirrors.

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